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Data Analytics

Spacious Pro Data Analytics is a leading data analytics platform for the real estate market. Real estate market stakeholders rely on data and analytics to help them understand and react to changes in the markets. Spacious Pro products include data and analytics tools for search trend data, transaction data, property valuation and rental yields.  

These data sets and analytics tools help market participants identify previously impossible to spot trends and anomalies in the real estate market. This insight can then be used to identify opportunities or to hedge against potential risks.

There are a number of highly active market participants that are already benefiting from using our data.


Spacious Pro helps journalists to identify highly newsworthy trends in the market and can reinforce their insights with data, rather than relying on anecdotal opinions which can easily be misleading as they are often formed using tiny datasets. Spacious search data has been used regularly by The South China Morning Post to identify shifting property search trends and potential opportunities for property investors.


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Real Estate Developers

Spacious works with real estate developers by giving them access to aggregated search data, helping them to better understand demand trends for specific geographies and various apartment types. Spacious Pro tools enable developers to identify the optimal building and floor plan designs as well as customised sales strategies for given project locations.

Real Estate Agents

Spacious helps generate high-quality leads for real estate agents. Agents respond to enquiries and communicate with searchers directly within Spacious, providing Spacious with real-time, proprietary insight. With thousands of active agent users, Spacious is able to gather additional market color via real time transaction records created by agents and conducting regular agent surveys regarding market sentiment. Agents can also use data from transactions, listings, searches, and demographics to better price listings, advise clients, negotiate with counterparties, and close deals.

Financial Institutions

Many financial institutions have significant exposure to the real estate market. In the case of banks specifically, mortgage loans can make up a significant portion of their assets. Fluctuations in the housing market can have material implications for the health of banks and a banking system. Due to delays in the reporting and processing of new data, current market conditions can take months to appear in a bank’s results and reporting. Spacious Pro provides real-time data and early warning tools to financial institutions, allowing them to respond faster to reduce risks and increase the effectiveness of bank managers. Many investment fund managers spend a huge amount of time and money trying to identify trends and ‘leading indicators’, Spacious Pro has the tools to allow for easy quant analysis of millions of recent data points.

Market Data Providers

Spacious publishes proprietary data sets on various market data networks. These networks multiply the reach of Spacious Pro products for consumer and professional applications. With more active users, Spacious can better refine existing products, identify new products for development, and gain access to even more market data and information from market participants and experts.

Spacious API

On a request basis, Spacious can grant access to the Spacious Pro API to help software developers build complementary products and unique third party applications.

Spacious is aggregating vast amounts of data related to all aspects of the property markets in Greater China. Regardless of your connection to property, Spacious can drive increased value to your business with larger and better data and cutting edge analytics tools.

Augmented Reality

Spacious has created one of the first commercially scalable Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Spacious AR enables users to search for nearby real estate in a 360-degree, three-dimensional, live environment using an AR interface on their smart phone or tablet. Spacious AR allows users to see the real world, three-dimensional location of real estate listings as a user walks, drives or commutes around a city.

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1. Access from AR button on the map

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2. Experience AR right on your device

This functionality was built by our cutting edge in-house development team. Using the same expertise we are working with partners to create applications for various commercial use cases.